Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Resources


Below are various resources to assist you with your Insider Threat Program Development / Insider Threat Risk Mitigation efforts...


U.S. Government Insider Threat Program Policies / Insider Threat Risk Mitigation

National Insider Threat Policy

USDA Insider Threat Program Policy

GSA Insider Threat Program Policy

Department Of Treasury Insider Threat Program Policy
Department Of Energy Insider Threat Program Policy

Department Of Justice Insider Threat Program Policy

NASA Insider Threat Program Policy

NRC Insider Threat Program Policy & Implementation Plan

Defense Security Service Insider Threat Identification And Mitigation Program Policy

Navy Bureau Of Medicine And Surgery Insider Threat Program Policy

Peace Corps Insider Threat Program Policy

DoD Insider Threat Management Analysis Center FAQ

DoD Insider Threat Management Analysis Center Presentation



Insider Threat Program Development Training

Insider Threat Defense

NISPOM Conforming Change 2 Training



Insider Threat Program Training Webinars

How To Build An Insider Threat Program (Jim Henderson-NITSIG Founder / Chairman)

Insider Threat Management Program Guide (Shawn Thompson-NITSIG Board Member / Legal Advisor)

Insider Threat Law-Balancing Privacy And Protection (Shawn Thompson-NITSIG Board Member / Legal Advisor)

Behavioral Analysis In Insider Threat (Dr. Robert Gallagher - NITSIG Board Member / Scientific Director)



Insider Threat Program Information For Defense Contractors

DSS NISPOM Conforming Change 2 Information
On this DSS link you will find the information below:

  • DSS Insider Threat Industrial Security Letter (ISL) - Insider Threat Program Requirements 

  • DSS ODAA Process Manual (This Manual Will Outline What Needs To Be Monitored On Classified Information Systems. See Pages 71-72)

  • Appointments of Insider Threat Program Senior Officials (ITPSO) (e-FCL)

  • NISP Self-Inspection Handbook for NISP Contractors (With Insider Threat Section Pages 61-67) (DIB Contractors Will Be Required To Perform Self Assessments)

  • DSS Insider Threat Program Job Aid

  • Updated NISP Manual (NISPOM) With Conforming Change 2

  • NISPOM Summary of Changes

DSS Establishing An Insider Threat Program for Your

Insider Threat Programs - How To Get Started (Presentation)

DSS NISPOM Adverse Information Reporting Requirements Presentation (March 2014)

DSS NISPOM Adverse Information Reporting Guide

DSS Webinar: Adverse Information Reporting

DSS NISP Reporting Requirements Training

DSS Potential Espionage Indicators - Detecting Actions Outside The Norm

DSS Administrative Inquiry (AI) Job Aid For Industry

Cleared Employee Reporting Requirements.doc



DoD / NISP Special Access Programs (SAP)

DoD Special Access Program Security Manual - General Procedures

DSS SAP Program Resources

DSS SAP Security Inspection Checklist


Legal Aspects Of Insider Threat

Webinar: Insider Threat Law-Balancing Privacy And Protection

Identifying And Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (DISA)

Laws And Regulations Related To Insider Threats-Espionage-Fraud

Insider Threat Best Practices Guide (Securities Industry And Financial Markets Association - Legal Guidance Pages 18-27)
Criminal Prohibitions On The Publication of Classified Defense Information

DOJ Prosecuting Computer Crimes Manual

Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement SF312 Briefing Booklet (See Page 9 To Page 19 For Legislative & Executive Authorities. The Pages Should Be Briefed And Signed By The Individual Signing The SF312)



Insider Threat & Counterintelligence Awareness Training Resources

DSS Insider Threat Professional Toolkit Awareness & Training

DSS Insider Threat Awareness Web Based Training

DSS Insider Threat Awareness Course Student Guide

DSS Insider Threat Trifold - What To Report

DSS Roles And Responsibilities For Personnel Security- A Guide For Supervisors

DSS How To Receive And Maintain A Security Clearance

DSS Elicitation And Recruitment Brochure

DOD Security Clearance Briefing (Presentation)
DSS, DHS, FBI Insider Threat Awareness Training Resources

NSA Insider Threat Brochure

US CERT- Combating The Insider Threat

FBI The Insider Threat - An Introduction To Detecting And Deterring An Insider Spy

FBI Economic Espionage - How To Spot A Possible Insider Threat

FBI Elicitation Techniques

FBI Counterintelligence

NCIS Counterintelligence-Insider Threat Awareness

Insider Threat Briefing -- US Marines

Insider Threat Awareness Briefing

Espionage- Insider Threat Indicators Briefing -- Dept Of Commerce



Insider Threat & Espionage Awareness Videos

FBI Movie - "The Company Man" (Watch On-Line / Download)

FBI Movie: Game Of Pawns (Watch On Internet Or Download)

FBI Movie: Betrayed (Request Showing By FBI At Your Organization)

Voices Of The Betrayed - Co-Workers Speak About The People They Knew And Trusted

Witness To History: The Investigation of Robert Hansen

Terminal Risk Economic And Industrial Espionage Awareness Videos
60 Minutes - Espionage Stealing America's Secrets



Counterintelligence - Insider Threat Awareness & Incident Response Flowchart

This guide / flowchart assists in three areas. First, it aides military leaders and all personnel to be aware of the indicators associated with insider threat activity while serving in a partnering environment. Second, this guide informs commanders and other leaders by giving them options on how to mitigate insider threat activities. Lastly, this guide is meant to generate open dialogue between coalition partners and partner nation personnel. Partnering in itself is a sensitive mission and only by creating trust and having an open dialogue with all forces will the mission be accomplished. This guide is not all encompassing so there are other options a commander has dependent on their operating environment.
Insider Threats In Partnering Environments Flowchart For DoD



Insider Threat Behavioral Indicators

Behavioral Analysis In Insider Threat-Webinar (Dr. Robert Gallagher - NITSIG Board Member / Scientific Director)

Behavioral Indicators Of Concern To Support Insider Threat Programs

Assessing The Mind Of The Malicious Insider

Insider Threat Indicators Overview
Insider Threat Reportable Behaviors
DSS Behavioral Indicators Brochure
Disgruntled Employees - Their Problem, Your Problem (Presentation)



Insider Threat Behavioral Science

Application Of The Critical-Path Method To Evaluate Insider Risks



Employee Continuous Monitoring And Reporting

Endera EBook: 5 Reasons Background Screenings Are Obsolete

Endera EBook: Exposing The Insider Threat-The Importance Of Employee Continuous Monitoring

Endera Employee Continuous Monitoring Overview / Presentation For DSS

Endera Employee Continuous Monitoring Service



Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Guidance

Preventing Insider Threats Starts With The Risk Management 101

Insider Threat Program Training Starts With Security 101

The Insider Threat – Security Policies To Reduce Risk
CERT Top 10 List For Winning The Battle Against Insider Threats

Protecting Trade Secrets From Employee Theft

Insider Threat Best Practices Guide (Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association)
SANS Insider Threat Mitigation Guidance
The Definitive Guide to Security Inside the Perimeter

Intel Insider Threat Field Guide
Best Practices For Protecting Your Data When Employees Leave Your Company

Employee Termination Best Practices


Insider Threat Checklists

NITTF - Best Practices Guide For Insider Threat

CERT Common Sense Guide To Mitigating Insider Threats - 5th EditionCERT Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Best Practices - Mapped To NIST SP800-53 Security Controls

CERT Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Best Practices

Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Checklist (Based Of Of CERT Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Best Practices)

DoD PERSEREC- Insider Risk Evaluation And Audit Tool Checklist

Considerations For Outsourcing Work To Third Party Contractors Checklist

Assoc. Of Computer Fraud Examiners - Fraud Prevention Checklist



Personally Identifiable information (PII) / Data Breach Response

PII Poster

DOD DD2923 - Privacy Act Data Cover Sheet

DHS Handbook For Safeguarding Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information

Health & Human Services - Policy For Responding To Breaches Of PII

Experian Data Breach Response Guide

Data Breach Response Checklist



Insider Threat User Activity Monitoring (UAM) Guidance / Tools

Implementing An Employee User Activity Monitoring Program (Veriato, Formerly Spectorsoft)

Insider Threat Red Flags Indicators Checklist (Malicious Insider Activities On Networks)

HP Printer Auditing Using HP Jet Admin Software


UAM Tools

Veriato 360 (Formerly Known As Spector 360)


Digital Guardian
Red Owl


Insider Threat / Espionage Posters
Insider Threat Security Poster-Your Name Here

Insider Threat- Hidden Threat Poster

Uncle Sam- Insider Threat Poster

Preventing Espionage - CI-Security Programs Poster

Robert Hansen Poster

Espionage Does Pay - Prison Is The Bank Poster

National Counterintelligence And Security Center Posters

Army Poster- Indicators Of Potential Terrorist / Associated Insider Threat



Insider Threat Reports

GAO Report: Insider Threats In The DoD - June 2015

A Worst Practices Guide To Insider Threats - Lessons From Past Mistakes

PERSEREC: Espionage By Americans From 1947-2007

PERSEREC: Espionage Case Summaries From 1975-2008



Workplace Violence  / Active Shooter Response And Guidance

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 2 million employees are victims of workplace violence each year. 18% of violent crimes are committed at the workplace, and roughly 800 workplace homicides occur each year. Between January 2009 and July 2015, there were 133 mass shootings in the workplace and shootings account for 78 % of all workplace homicides. Violence in the workplace must be a top concern for employers, as no organization is immune from workplace violence and no organization can completely prevent it. (Source)


NITSIG Workplace Violence E-Magazine

OSHA Workplace Violence Website

OSHA Workplace Violence Presentation

DSS Active Shooter Awareness Training And Guidance

FBI Active Shooter Resources

Active Shooter-Active Assailant Guidance & Resources





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